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Living in the present also means being aware of the past.

Vera Astuni

Expert guide, I will discover the best places in Pompeii and the Campania Region, with my deep knowledge of this land.

Vera Astuni guida autorizzata Regione Campania
Tour alla scoperta di Pompeii


Thanks to an authorized tour, we will relive the episodes retrace the history of the city of Pompeii, reborn after the tragic eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Thanks to an overwhelming tour. See the work of archaeologists who managed to re-emerge a buried city.

My passion for the history of art will make you fully experience a forgotten era: shops, houses, taverns, a world waiting to be explored.

Always a lover of history and my tradition, I will take you to discover the world of the ancient Romans and their works, which, today, are part of the national UNESCO heritage.


To rediscover the past, to relive the history and everyday life of the Romans in Pompeii. Thanks to the authorized guided tour, we will retrace the beauty of the Roman ruins together, accompanied by an overwhelming historical tale.


Immerse yourself in history: stroll through the ancient streets and visit Pompeian houses and shops. The tour also includes a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Naples, one of the most important in the world.


Experience the beauty of antiquity to the full by following a guided itinerary that will take you from Pompeii to Herculaneum, two unmissable destinations for history lovers. Discover the two most important archaeological finds and excavations in the world.


Visit the ancient city of Pompeii, rediscovering the past and history of the Romans. Then let yourself be carried away by the alleys and beauties of Naples, a city of art in its purest state.
Finally, book a guided and authorized tour of the Campania region.

Guided Tour To Pompei, Herculaneum and Oplontis

Guided tour of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the two cities buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. which still retain the remains of the past.
Let yourself also be fascinated by the beauty of the archaeological excavations of Oplontis, the Pompeian suburban area.

Capri walking tour (6 hours)

Stroll through Capri among the beauties and colors of the Mediterranean island. Six immersive hours to rediscover peace and tranquility in a small corner of paradise.
Capri is among the most dreamed and appreciated tourist destinations, do not miss this tour.

Naples walking tour (3 hours)

Among the alleys and streets of the city hides the true beauty and pure Neapolitan essence, dispersed among scents, colors, and sounds. Explore on foot one of the most beautiful cities in Italy with the 3-hour guided walking tour.

MANN (2 hours)

The Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN) is among the most important archaeological museums globally, especially regarding Roman history. Discover all the beauties of the Greek, Renaissance, and Roman eras on a 2-hour guided tour.

Herculaneum (2 hours)

The ancient town of Herculaneum was reborn following the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. and still retains the remains of a tragic past. Immerse yourself in its history discover one of the most famous archaeological attractions in the world on a 2-hour guided tour.

Tours with car Amalfi Coast

For lovers of the sea and breathtaking views, the on-the-road tour by car is a must-see proposal suitable for all types of travelers. Let yourself be fascinated by the splendor of the coast: by the villages, by the beaches, and much more.


Vesuvius is the most famous volcano globally, and climbing it is among the most unforgettable experiences you can undertake. The magnificent panorama that awaits you once you reach the top will pay off the arduous climb.

Wine tasting

Bosco de ‘Medici (Pompeii), Cantine del Vesuvio (Trecase), Da Sorrentino (Trecase): choose your destination and embark on an immersive sensory journey to discover the best wines from Campania. The wine tour takes you to the oldest Neapolitan cellars.

Sfondo Vera Astuni visita guidata a Pompei e Costiera Amalfitana

Other Tours Available

All tours are customizable to your needs
In base a 118 recensioni
Annalisa cozzolino
Annalisa cozzolino
Stupenda Pompei Veronica è stata bravissima e ha fatto un ottimo lavoro. Ci è particolarmente piaciuto ascoltare la storia ed il suo punto di vista.Lo consiglio sinceramente e poiché mia zia ha problemi di udito, il tour privato è stata una scelta giusta. Il tour è stato incredibile. Sono un'appassionata di Pompei e la visita è stata molto interessante. Visitare il sito era nella mia lista dei desideri. Questa è stata davvero una bellissima esperienza.
Dennis Nelson Carino
Dennis Nelson Carino
Bellissima esperienza La mia esperienza nella gita turistica a Pompei è stata assolutamente entusiasmante. Il tour ben organizzato ha offerto una panoramica completa sulla storia affascinante di questa antica città. La guida esperta Vera ha reso ogni sito e dettaglio vivido, trasportandoci indietro nel tempo. Un'esperienza culturale indimenticabile immersa nelle rovine ben conservate di Pompei. Consigliato vivamente!
Emy S.
Emy S.
Meraviglia delle meraviglie! Meravigliosa esperienza! Tour assolutamente fantastico, l'abbiamo fatto il giorno del nostro arrivo a Napoli ed è stato un ottimo modo per orientarci e per di più la nostra guida del tour Veronica è stata assolutamente fantastica, ha una conoscenza approfondita della città, lo consiglio vivamente.
Patricia C
Patricia C
Amazing tour of Pompeii! Veronica was an amazing guide for Pompeii! She is so passionate about the history of this beautiful region and her detailed knowledge of Pompeii was appreciated by our family, as was Veronica’s sense of humour. We highly recommend this tour!
Bellissimo Tour a piedi per Napoli E’stata una bellissima mattinata, Vera e’ una guida fantastica, ci ha permesso di vedere la città ripercorrendo gli avvenimenti storici, aneddoti e miti. Da soli non saremmo riusciti a vedere tutto quello che abbiamo visto grazie a lei. Super consigliato!
Shaini I
Shaini I
Excellent service 7 stars I and my friends used this company for a transfer from Rome to Amalfi Coast with stop at Pompeii. The owner Vera arranged for us also the guide in Pompeii. The tour was fantastic , rich of history . Also the driver spoke an excellent English ,he drove careful and was very available with our group . We had a wonderful day ... Recommended 100%
Great resource! Vera with Discovering Pompeii assisted my friend and me with our recent trip to Sorrento. She made arrangements to pick us up at Napoli Centrale and take us to Sorrento with a stop in Pompeii. The driver was exceptional. He was welcoming and friendly, making the journey an enjoyable one. The tour guide in Pompeii was very informative and knowledgeable. I learned a great deal from her and could not imagine visiting Pompeii without her. I would highly recommend working with Vera to arrange any trip in this part of Italy. She provided resources to make for a memorable trip. She was extremely easy to work with and responded immediately to questions and concerns. You will certainly enjoy the trip planned through her.
Priyanga N
Priyanga N
Fantastic food and more.. We reserved this food tour with Veronica. She is incredible and very professional. She showed the city from historical then the newest area,with a lot of stops for eating local finger food. Sfogliatelle,graffe,fried stuff, pizza, salted biscuits.. with local coffees very strong. We had an amazing opportunity to visit the Duomo and Saint Gennaro chapel too. Unique experience. We absolutely recommend Veronica to everyone. Thanks for your time and your availability.
anna k
anna k
Tour napolitana I had a 3 hours tour around Naples and the experience was MAGIC. Veronica made me fell better than home! The most important was that I ve learned the history of the city and I enjoyed it. Ps. After the tour she gave me instructions so I had an invisible guidance throughout my trip... I would do this hundred of times
Una passeggiata ricca di emozioni Abbiamo fatto un bellissimo walking tour a Napoli con Veronica. Guida simpatica e preparata culturalmente. Tra viuzze antiche e palazzi eleganti abbiamo mangiato sfogliatelle, baba' e graffe eccezionali. È stata una giornata intensa. Raccomando vivamente questa compagnia e Veronica come guida.

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